Live Chat with the Artist-Munira Akilova in Tajikistan (April 2020)

April 25, 2020


Want a break from the 24 hour news cycle, “all the pandemic all the time”? Looking for a unique getaway in the midst of the Covid-19 pandemic lockdown? Are you worried you may never be able to travel again?

Take a trip to the heart of the ancient Silk Road, for a live chat with Munira Akilova in Tajikistan. On April 23, 2020, we recorded our first ever Live Chat with the Artist video. We sat down on Zoom with Munira Akilova, handicraft designer and manager for Armughon Handicrafts and Arinumcrafts of northern Tajikistan, and an intimate group of virtual travelers from around the US.

Topics ranged from traveling the mountainous roads of northern Tajikistan to the process of designing and creating an embroidery product for the US market. We got an insider’s view of some of the nuances and challenges of doing business in Tajikistan. Munira also gave us an update on life on the ground in Tajikistan during the Covid-19 pandemic (hint: the cost of potatoes is way up and everyone is planning to sew designer face masks!).

We heard about Munira’s personal journey from university economics professor to artist and internationally known handicrafts manager. Participants also got a sneak peek at new clothing designs Munira and her team are currently working on. These new designs will be on the first shipment out when the airports reopen in Tajikistan, so stay tuned.

Grab a cup of coffee and come with us for a memorable visit to Tajikistan!

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